About Us

Salcedo Coffee grew out of a lifelong passion for finding and drinking good quality coffee. To drink high quality coffee is an experience that stays with you the entire day. It transforms a morning into an opportunity to do something positive in the world. The experience of good coffee, from the whole beans, the aromas of the grind, to the final brew, can be transfixing. Our passion is to bring that experience into your cup every time you drink our coffee.

At Salcedo Coffee we operate from foundational commitments: roasting the best coffee to perfection, and creating the best experiences for you. We believe that the final roast is impacted by where we source our beans from. We will only purchase from vendors that can guarantee the highest quality and the ethical standards to ensure that the beans are coming from a sound source. It’s important that the farmers who planted and harvested the beans are taken care of.

But we don’t stop there. We then roast our beans with you in mind. We want you to be happy with our coffees. If we bring happiness into your cup, our mission has been fulfilled. So, we hope you enjoy our coffees and that you become a part of the Salcedo Coffee family.